IPGA Trade Meet  - 2015

1) Mr. Pravin Dongre, Chairman - IPGA Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

2) Mr. Keshav Desiraju, Secretary -Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India Speech at Trade Meet

3) Mr Ramesh Abhishek, Chairman - Forward Markets Commission Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

4) Mr. Sudhakar Tomar, Managing Director Hakan Agro DMCC Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

5) Mr. Samir Shah, MD & CEO - NCDEX Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

6) Ms. Sangeeta Verma, Economic & Statistical Advisor, Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

7) Mr. Bimal Kothari, Vice - Chairman - IPGA Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

8) Dr. Otim Bernard, Board Chairman - EAGC Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

9) Dr. J P Singh, Jt. Director - PPQ&S Speech at IPGA Trade Meet

10) Rabi Crop Survey Report by Mr. Nirav Desai GGN Research

11) Chana and Lentils Panel Discussion at IPGA Trade Meet


Day 01- february 19th 2014

1) Invocation by Mrs. Saroja Chandrashekhar

2) Welcome Address by Mr. Praveen Dongre, Chairman - IPGA

3) Special Address by Mr. Hakan Bahceci, President - CICILS IPTIC

4) Special Address by Mr. Gordon Bacon, CEO - Pulse Canada

5) Keynote Address by Mr. Suresh Prabhu 

6) Address by Mr. Lyle Stewart, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Saskatchewan Province - Canada 

7) Vote Of Thanks by Mr. Bimal Kothari, Vice Chairman - IPGA

Day 02- february 20th 2014

1) MOU Signing Between IPGA & NCDEX & Speech

2) Presentation by Mr. Brian Clancey on World Pulses Production Outlook for 2014

3) Presentation by Mr. Sudhakar Tomar on India Pulses Supply & Demand Outlook 

4) Presentation by Mr. G Chandrashekhar on Global Agriculture Market Drivers and Outlook 2014

5) Origin Presntation by Jeffery Van Pevenage on USA Pulse Crops

6) Origin Presntation by Carl Potts on Overall Grain situation in Canada

7) Origin Presntation by Peter Wilson on Australia

8) Panel Discussion on Peas

9) Origin Presntation by Shyam Narsaria on Myanmar

10) Origin Presntation by Jayesh Patel on African Pulses

11) Panel Discussion on Tuar/Urad

12) Presentation and Q&A on Research advances in pulses and benefit to stakeholders by Dr. C.L Gowda, DDG - ICRISAT

13) Panel Discussion on Kabuli Chick Peas 

Day 03- february 21st 2014

1) Address Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, Chairman - FMC

2) Presentation by Vijay Kumar on Chana @ NCDEX

3) Presentation on Chana futures

4) Panel Discussion on Kabuli Chick Peas

5) Panel Discussion on Lentils

PLANT QUARANTINE SYSTEM IN INDIA By Dr. V.K. Srivatsava - Joint Director (PP)

THE PULSES CONCLAVE 2018, 14 – 16 February, 2018 in New Delhi

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