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Dear Friends,
As the largest producer, importer and consumer of pulses, our country is attracting the world's attention. Major origins continue to target the Indian market and constantly compete with each other to capture market share here. At the same time, our own domestic pulses industry and trade is significantly large. There are tens of thousands of stakeholders and market participants including dal mills, importers, exporters, indentors, brokerages, local traders as well as scores of service providers.

Despite the large size, challenges abound. Our yields are abysmally low; in most cases the processing units are old and idle; our per capita consumption of pulses is far below nutritional standards; and our exports are highly restricted. Importantly, pulses can ply a significant role in advancing food and nutrition security. In other words, there is a great opportunity waiting for the Indian pulses industry and trade to become modern, expand business and capture growing market opportunities. This is possible if and only if the industry and trade representatives across the country are united and work together to shape pro-business policies.

India Pulses and Grains Association, the apex body of the country's pulses industry and trade, is constantly endeavoring to promote policies, programs and practices that would go to make the Indian pulses sector globally competitive. Any sector would be strong when a large number of stakeholders take active part in creating a common platform and speak in a unified voice to advance the interests of the sector.

You are an important participant in the large and growing Indian pulses market. We at IPGA are keen to strengthen the domestic pulses industry and trade; and cordially invite you to become a member of the association. Indeed, IPGA was established with the vision to make Indian pulses and grains industry & trade globally competitive; and in so doing, help advance India's food and nutrition security.

Friends, it is critical that IPGA gets your unstinted support and patronage to be able to put forth a strong and unified voice with the Government and drive initiatives that will benefit all stakeholders - producers, consumers and trade as a whole. We look forward to welcoming you as an active member of India Pulses and Grains Association.


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